Conversations with the Moon

Created during Karma’s sleepless nights at the height of the pandemic, as an homage to the moon and the universal connectedness which shed light at a time of global darkness.

The choice of gemstones was inspired by the moon’s colors, textures and luminosity; the jewelry forms by elements of the celestial body and its surrounding universe; and some of the designs by abstract renderings of Karma’s feelings while conversing with the moon. Handmade in repurposed 18K gold and diamonds, this sustainable collection incorporates unusual gems such as Apatites, Blue-Grey Jade, Raw Spinel and Dioptase, as well as unconventional cuts of Morganites, Aquamarines, Blue Chalcedony and Opals.

At the beginning of the pandemic, things felt very isolating in New York—the moon seemed like the only thing that was alive. I soon realized that this moon I’d been communicating with each sleepless night was the same moon that everyone had a relationship with. It was also the first time our generation traversed a global phenomenon that touched everybody. As cut-off as I was, sheltered in my apartment, the moon made me realize how connected I actually was with the world. The experience became one of connectedness, love and gratitude.

Raw opal pendant
Yellow gold green tourmaline linear art deco ring
Blue tourmaline and apatite one of a kind geometric long earrings
This celestial body connects every being on our planet, reminding me of something we too often tend to forget, our oneness.

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