Picturesque visuals of the Autumn season inspire vividly colored stones and romantic lines in the collection that launched Karma’s career.

Karma’s earliest collection explores elements of nature that are in motion, such as turning leaves gently gliding through Autumn breeze, or snowflakes taking refuge on tree branches. The movement is expressed through curves and fluid lines in the gold, as well as the use of different shades of diamonds. Ripples on a pond are depicted by a crescendo of diamond-paved circles moving fluidly across the wearer’s neck. Long irregular lines of diamonds make their way haphazardly from ear to shoulder, interpreting a coral formation.

Having recently graduated as a Certified Gemologist, Karma’s passion for colored stones is palpable here. She starts to build her extensive collection of gemstones and plays with creating unusual color combinations. She designs a series of bejeweled puzzles, where Pink Tourmalines, Peridots, Amethysts, Topazes, Spessartite Garnets and Tanzanites fit together on the ear and in stackable rings. The jewelry is designed around the gemstones, as an extension of their color, cut and character.

Inspiration demands no effort; it is met in acts of love and connection. When you are open to beauty, it just comes to you.

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