Karma explores jewelry for the spatial dimension that exists outside and around the body with one-of-a kind three-dimensional pieces.

Linea is Karma's exploration of elemental and simple yet multidimensional design. In this collection, Karma examines the idea that everything starts with a dot. The dot is the inception of a line, and a line creates any shape imaginable; so instead of designing with more lines, gems, shapes and textures, Karma was instead interested in journeying backwards and honoring the most elemental and core aspects of design: the dot and the line.

Karma investigates original and unexpected ways of wearing jewelry, including earrings that are worn around the ear, and are designed to hang freely without the use of a post or clip. As an innovative design they defy attire constraints and can be worn casually just as well as at a black-tie event. The collection is comprised of 18k gold and the finest grade diamonds, tourmalines, aquamarines and peridot.

Jewelry is an extension of our being, so why not design for the space around us.

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