Rock Hall III

The third installment of the Rock Hall trilogy is shaped by energetic and substantial silhouettes, inspired by the commanding and formidable force of nature. The pieces evoke mountain ridges and lava explosions, shifting tectonic plates and the gentle yet redoubtable murmuring of the earth.

The collection embodies sharp angular lines and a strong palette of colors spirited with distinct gemstones such as Sunstone, Chrysocolla, Black Spinel, Moonstone and unusual varieties of Jade. The compositions are abstract representations of the determined and thriving energy of nature. Clay-colored pyramids project themselves throughout a wavy pattern in the Flutter Earrings to embody subterranean tremors; and brushed wide pyramids seamlessly linked to each other so that they move independently of one another, in the Isosceles On Chains Necklace, evoke the constant movement of the massive rock slabs beneath us.

Karma chooses gemstones that boast natural and unique characteristics, such as the reflective specks of Sunstone, the Pacific wave-like swirls of Chrysocolla, the marbling of Chalcedony, and the crystalline structure apparent in White Jade. While the designs are abstract, the focus on the organic character of such gemstones invite a groundedness to the collection.

Karma Rockhall Necklace
Drawing is a gateway to discovering, capturing and describing my world; also a means of concretizing my interpretation of beauty.

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