Rock Hall I

A collection inspired by a trip to the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame and Karma’s love for rock music, this collection embodies graphic and bold shapes, sharp and spiky silhouettes, and strong evocative colors.

Pyramidal shapes are the core theme here, whether in strong and apparent iterations such as the Pyramid necklace, or more subtle manifestations such as in the cascading custom-cut gemstones in the Ladder Earrings. Amid the angular character of the collection, Rock Hall I also projects a soft and feminine aspect through a flow of delicate chains and fluid compositions.

As a certified gemologist Karma revels in custom designing and cutting her gems from rough. Here, Karma combines softly-hued and sometimes classical gemstones such as Lapis Lazuli and Topaz with vivid diamonds set in handmade gold spikes, creating an intentionally contrasting aesthetic.

I love pushing the bounds of my creativity, design and manufacturing norms.

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