Inspired by the perpetual ever-transforming cycle of nature, its ability to adapt, die and be renewed with constance, beauty and grace.

Karma dedicated Echo to a recurring source of inspiration – nature, and more specifically water. The pieces in the collection symbolize transformation and rebirth. She has depicted water in its various forms of precipitation, condensation, evaporation and melting. These cycles were interpreted as rain, ice, dew and snowflakes in 18k gold and gems. Diamonds and white gemstones such as moonstone, white jade and white topaz make up the collection, suggesting the icy and crystal clear appearance of the elements. The ensemble has a fluid character, and include detachable pendants which allow necklaces to be transformed from a simple choker to a substantial neck piece. The pieces are paved with fine bright diamonds which glisten when worn, such as light’s reflection on water.

The entire collection was built around one specific shape: a three-dimensional elongated diamond. This diamond is then soldered onto other numerous diamonds to create the variety of profiles that form the collection. The stark sharpness of this original shape is contrasted by the malleability of dangling earrings, flexible necklaces, inter-changeable jewelry, and pieces that are constructed specifically to adapt to each of the wearer’s movements. The fluidity in the ensemble was an essential focus in Karma’s design process, as a characterization of water’s aqueous nature.

Through the movement of energy, echoes evolve while simultaneously reflecting back onto its origin.

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