Rock Hall II

Karma sources her gems from the finest purveyors worldwide. She is passionate about procuring the most unusual colors and variety of exceptional gemstones, which she then fashions into unique and unconventional cuts.

Punctuated with Black and White Diamond spikes, large custom-cut pastel gemstones are the gravitational force of this collection. Spikes abound, not only in protruding profiles such as with the Hedgehog Studs, but also within the links of chains and necklaces. Depending on the way the handmade spikes are set, they are sometimes rigid, striking and distinct, and at other times bring softness, malleability and lightness to the piece of jewelry.

One-of-a-kind large intricate rings make up a significant part of the collection. Some are comprised of stones set upside down as a way to create spikes entirely cut from precious stones such as Black Diamonds, Green Tourmaline and Black Spinel. Others include gems set underneath the primary stone, offering a three-dimensional explosion of colors seen from every angle.

Karma Rockhall Necklace
I design what I’m feeling in the moment, without the use of measurements or tools, as a pure manifestation of what is happening within.

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