Cast of Withering Light

Raw and bold jewelry reflected through symbols of armors and protective jewelry.

Brazen angular forms and large protective shields make up this collection, designed at a time of grief after the passing of Karma’s mother. The rawness of the style is felt through opaque and visually heavy gems such as Black Spinel and Lapis Lazuli custom-cut into sharp and tall pyramids protruding from rings.

Gemstones that are typically feminine and graceful such as Morganite are cut into massive irregular rocks standing boldly within a cage of gold and diamonds. The dense criss-crossing of black rutiles in the Quartz that Karma incorporates expresses a moment of chaos, and fine Green Tourmaline are set upside down to reflect a time of turmoil.

My intention was to capture a light that was slipping away and cast into gold the feelings it evoked.

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