Karma’s most elemental collection, encompassing the most classical and timeless pieces from her repertoire.

Simple but powerful forms embody this collection, from Karma’s signature Trilogy ring to linear cuffs and personalized body chains. Karma enjoys creating versatile one-of-a-kind pieces that can be worn in unexpected ways. Through her work, she celebrates the form of the human body, and designs pieces that wrap around it in ways that evoke a woman’s beauty, sensuality, and boldness. Her pieces often have a hidden aspect, which only the wearer knows of — this is her ode to a woman’s mystery.

Karma finds aesthetic strength in repetition and negative spaces, which are recurring themes throughout her collections. The contrast between matter and space is incredibly powerful to her. Light is also an element that Karma constantly seeks to incorporate in her creations. She designs around how she wants light to be reflected off of the wearer’s body. Jewelry becomes truly alive as a conduit of motion and light.

My work is very personal; the individuals wearing my jewelry are connected to the spirit that is woven into each creation. They find a piece of themselves in it, and I a piece of myself in them.

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